Avon Fishing Association: Contacts

  • Commodore Chris Peach RN (Retd.)
Committee (2020)
  • Paper Catch Return form can be downloaded here
    Send completed form to:
    Mr.Paul Woodham, Slipway, Tidal Road, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge TQ7 4JN
  • The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on the last Tuesday in January, when the old Committee will render a report upon the preceding year and submit recommendations. A new Committee will be elected, a Secretary and Treasurer appointed for managing the affairs of the Association. The Committee shall normally consist of not more than 10 members, including the Chairman, and shall have the power to co-opt a member to fill a vacancy or for any special temporary purpose, and appoint two of their number to be Honorary Auditors. Any 5 Members of the Committee may instruct the Secretary to call a Special General meeting of the Association at any time. Ten days’ notice shall always be given of any General Meeting, and at a Special General Meeting no other business than that stated in the notice shall be discussed. Ten members shall form a quorum at a General Meeting.